Saturday, December 19, 2009

How to Find and Marry Your "Edward"

It has come to my attention that there are many women and girls that aspire to find their very own "Edward." I would like to help, since I have snatched up mine. Some might say that he fell into my lap, that I got "lucky" and maybe it's what happened, but I like to think that I was smart enough to look him in the eyes and know that I was his and he was mine, no doubt about it. I want to write this blog for my daughters and my sister...whomever needs to fill their hole in their heart with a descent man. The way I came up with this idea was thinking about writing down what qualities my daughters father has that I would like them to find in their future mate. It's important that children know that their parents are in love and why they chose that person for eternity. I thought to myself I might as well write it in the form of a blog so that other females may have the advice I will be giving my daughers, it can't hurt anything, and it's good practice for my writing. I wish I wrote in a journal every day so that I could remember what my kids, husband and myself go through and do each day. I forget five minutes after it happens.

So here's to the journey....