Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rough draft: Just practice writing

The dinosaur on Jason’s shirt across the table from him had come to life after Nick had tasted the sandwich specially made by his Jewish Grandmother. The dinosaur twirled, and tapped danced. Nick shook his head closed his eyes telling himself this wasn’t really happening. His throat felt tight he grabbed at his chest slowly taking breaths in and out. Mrs. Muggy came over to his lunch table “Nick you need to stop showing off, kids are staring at you.” He tried to answer but all that came out was, “Dinosaur moving can’t breathe.” “You are such a class clown Nick and I am sick of the distractions, I will have to call your mother to let her know of your disrespect towards adults!” She turned to walk away just as Nick fell to the floor grabbing at his neck, turning around Mrs. Muggy clenched her fists and as she counted backwards from one hundred she walked calmly over to Nick grabbed him by the arm and started dragging him towards the cafeteria’s door. He fought her the whole way causing her to hold on to him tighter. “Look here mister, you will walk with me appropriately to the Principal’s office or your life here at Jackson Elementary is going to be a nightmare.” Nick’s body started convulsing, his body swinging back and forth shifting his hips into Mrs. Muggy’s hips, she huffed in disgust, “What makes you think this is so funny?” Two fifth graders turned the corner to see the pair in a disturbing dancing mode. They watched curiously, nodding their heads to the right and then to the left making out what exactly was going on, that’s when it happened, Nick tripped on the corner of a rug sending his hip forcefully into Mrs.Muggy’s side. She flung into the side of the hallway not letting go of Nick’s arm, she yanked him to the ground he landed on her foot she lost her balance and did a flip over his body causing her dress to go over her head where her hot pink undergarments showed all their glory. The fifth graders screamed out in laughter holding their stomachs, one hand to their mouth to muffle the sound of the obnoxious laughter. They were close enough to the office that the secretary came running out her headset still on her head, she looked at the two fifth graders ready to give them a lecture, when she spotted Mrs. Muggy and Nick tangled on the floor. She rushed over to the side of Mrs. Muggy pulled her dress back down. “Are you alright, what happened?”

“Yes, I am alright. It’s Mr. Sampson that has a problem and has tried to cause problems for me.” Nick lay there not able to breathe his eyes tearing up, painful itching had begun to cover his body he thrashed back and forth trying to get the attention of someone.

“Nick was showing off in the cafeteria so I dragged him out of there once he had flung himself onto the floor, this kid will do anything to get a laugh out of his peers. He refused to come willingly so I had to forcefully drag him by the arm. He thrashed into me as we walked eventually causing me to tumble over his foot.”

“I think something is wrong with him Mrs. Muggy” one of the fifth graders said while looking at Nick hold his neck tossing and turning, he looked like an inch worm as he tried to relieve the itching.

“He’s fine, just a class clown trying to do his best to entertain now that he has an audience.”

The school’s nurse came rushing out of her office. “What is going on here?”

“Nick is at it again. He’s really gone overboard this time and his parents will need to be notified immediately.” Mrs. Muggy was holding a grudge now as she remembered that Nick’s audience had also seen her undergarments. The nurse kneeled down at Nick’s side, his eye’s were shut, she gently lifted each eyelid one by one. “His eyes are rolling into the back of his head; his eyes are tearing out of control.” She lifted his shirt slightly to find the beginnings of a rash covering his mid-section.

“Call his parents immediately after you call 911.”

“Now he has you fooled too, I’m telling you he’s faking it he loves this kind of attention everyone knows that. He will stop at nothing to get an audience especially if he can humiliate me in the mean time. Nick can you hear me? You are in a heap of trouble, say hello to summer school you have asked for it.”

“Mrs. Muggy you are wrong, he has eaten something that he is allergic to, I need you to go to the cafeteria and get what is left of his lunch.”

“Nurse Val, you are going to be pretty embarrassed when you find out that this is all a show, calling an ambulance, his parents, and picking through his food as though he might die.” She turned around with a pinched pucker mouth and slowly sauntered down the hall, her dress tucked into her girdle.

“Mrs. Muggy wait just a minute, I need to tell you something.” The nurse called out.

“I know, I will get the lunch and hurry back, since this is an emergency and all, I heard you don’t worry.”

“No, that’s not it, it’s just….”

“I am not a child I don’t have to be told more than once.” With her back turned she kept walking not looking back and with her hand up in the air gesturing she had had enough, she ignored the nurse.

“I tried to warn her.” Nurse Val shook her head and looked to the two students to see the last of their smirks they had changed quickly as she glanced up at them. Mrs. Muggy walked to the cafeteria talking under her breath about how in all her forty years of teaching she had never felt so humiliated by a student, she had lost all respect for Nick, not that she had much to start with. She knew she should go straight to the cafeteria like she said she would but she needed to go to the restroom to straighten her girdle, it had given her a wedgie and it couldn’t wait for another minute. She walked in as three third grade girls almost trampled her as they walked out giggling oblivious to her presence, she shook her head, she thought of when she was in school they had a lot more respect than the kids these days. She checked the stalls, there wasn’t anyone else in the bathroom, and she wanted to avoid using a stall since they were so small it would be hard to adjust plus she needed the mirror for guidance. She turned to look at the back of her dress to get an idea of what was going on with the girdle, she was going to lift up her dress but was in shock when she noticed her dress had gotten caught on one of the girdle hooks. She let out a yell that the classes could hear but she wasn’t the least bit worried, she was mortified that Nick was the cause of this, and that his audience had witnessed her backside. It came to her that the nurse had tried to warn her but she had been to prideful to listen. She went into a stall and began to sob.