Friday, October 24, 2008

Lazy Days

It's October the leaves are falling, the colors are changing, and the weather is brisk which all makes me want to lay in bed, close my eyes, and feel my body sink into the permanent indentation that years of enjoying this comfort has caused. Since it's cold out and the room is dark, nap time is so much more enjoyable. My four year old finds what ever way she can to keep my quiet time not so quiet. She needs something, she's hungry, she wants to be with me. All the while I am running out of time, because the baby one year old is going to wake up soon. She makes noise I swear on purpose so that he will wake up and then I will get up to serve her every need. My older three kids come home a few hours after this and they save me, they play with her and the baby. When I say they save me I mean I get to hurry and go to the bathroom sometimes even by myself.