Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Butter Talks To Me

Remember the Parkay commercial where the butter and Parkay would argue which one was best? Well yesterday as a prepared toast with butter and strawberry jam for an after school snack, like a line cook for five hungry mouths, it spoke to me! "Eat me!" It called out! I thought to myself that's just crazy, I didn't just hear that creamy stick of soft butter shout at me! I delivered toast to the first child and in the kitchen I heard "Eat Me!" I was going to chastise my children for talking rudely to their mother when I noticed all five of them were in front of me. I quickly went back to the kitchen to insert bread into the toaster, I glanced over at the butter..."Eat me!" "Are you kidding me?" I said loud enough for only me to hear. I knew this diet was going to be hard but no one said I would be halucinating about food, or I might have reconsidered the whole thing. The jam dripped down my fingers, butter melted under it, the stickiness from the sugar begged to be licked, "I'm beautiful and smell so sweet!" Yep, that was the strawberry jam taunting me, teasing me with her smell, color and shapely jar body! The toast gripped my fingers it knew how much I needed to feel that dry rough texture turn into thick, moist carb heaven in my mouth screaming for joy as the butter helped it glide into a swirl of strawberry decadance, with a swallow of pure, sheer, ultimate joy and satisfaction. "Mom!" A kid shouted. "It's my turn next, you aren't going to eat that are you?" I looked at my hands I had been sniffing the beautiful creation that warmed my palm, who knew toast with butter and strawberry jam could be so seductive! "I must prevail!" I thought to myself. "I can do this, I will make fifty peices of toast and I will not let texture or smell make me cheat."


Anonymous said...

This one should be published on Jillian's web-page! You can do this...okay, I tried, and failed miserably as I downed a bowl of fruitloops! My friend, if you were here I know I could do it! I just know it! Keep going and don't let the butter and jam talk you out of it!