Tuesday, May 25, 2010

D-Day "The Astronaut Diet!"

So yesterday was day one, I started off the morning with a chocolate drink and vitamins, which by the way cause some pretty gross burps! The shaker is pretty cool, the ball inside is like a spongy whisk. Mom told me to remember to not leave it in when I microwave the drink, make sure the lid is on when you shake the drink and if the lid is on make sure it's screwed on tight and the flip top is closed. I don't want to tell on her or anything but she knows this advice is necessary because she has experienced problems when she did all those things. I felt pretty good after the drink, I filled up the shaker with water afterwards and drank it so that I make sure to drink all the water I need to. I am not familiar with drinking water because before now I was a Pepsi (cry, cry) drinker and only used water occasionally to help swallow pills. I wasn't hungry after my liquid astronaut breakfast but thoughts of actual food did creep into my head. I had to lay down at nap time since I was feeling tired and if you sleep your need for food can be avoided for a few hours. The nap didn't go so well since I had about fifty phone calls, each time I fell asleep it felt so good but then the phone would ring. I was relieved almost when it was time to get up, but that's when it hit...the migraine. It was from no sugar, no Pepsi and my neck that has been hurting beyond words for months. I find that the timing of my migraines coincide with me picking up the kids from school. They all talk at the same time believing they have vital information that must be shared or they will blow up. They argue while getting into the car even though we have had the same routine (car wise) since they were born, but each time it seems like it's their first and they must be told step by step what to do. I was shaking, sweating (the air conditioner doesn't work in the car) and feeling like I was going to pass out at any moment. I hadn't eaten (drank) lunch yet and here it was 4:00pm. The kids were in slow motion entering the car and I was trying to control myself so there wouldn't be any blood. We had to go to the little store in town so I could get veggies and pay the guy from the night before cause I didn't have my check card, he let me take the food and told me to come in today and pay for it. A major benefit for living in a tiny town. I quickly got frozen broccoli, canned chicken and ham, Mrs.Dash and searched for Astronaut butter (Molly McButter) they didn't have any though, a draw back to living in a tiny town with a tiny grocery store! I am fantasizing about doughnuts right now, the ones I dreamed about last night in between bouts of 6 potty breaks while trying to sleep. I pushed the kids out of the way when we got home and made the broccoli and chicken "Astronaut" soup. Two cups of broccoli with sea salt and Mrs.Dash, it was pretty good, the soup was a mysterious blend and had strong seasonings, my breath was like Shrek's, I drank water after the soup and had more vitamins. I definitely felt better after eating. My headache made me want to die each time I heard a noise or if someone talked to me. With a small house and kids that specialize in making noise I was out of my mind in pain. I sat on my bed while each one of the kids came in my room, one by one and two by two to beg, tell me stuff, wrestle each other, tell me about homework, tell on each other, tell me about bullying situations at school among other joyous reports. It got to the point that if someone even thought of breathing I was going to lose it! Steve went to the store for me to get a scale and some veggies by the time he got home Monica had made dinner for the kids and I was laying in bed. I had to get up for a little while so that I could eat, I wasn't in the mood but was excited to eat chicken instead of drink something. It was chicken breast out of a 5oz. can. I thought it was okay and then I had a cucumber for my veggies. My children swarmed me like bees stealing whatever bites they could get. Steve helped out for the rest of the night by getting kids to bed, after being up for a little bit and after we said family prayers I went to lay down again. I only wanted to lay down for fifteen minutes or so but I feel asleep and didn't get up until Steve came in and started turning on his laptop, he made a phone call and then used his iPhone for a while, I wasn't exactly happy about being woken up etc. but I had to go potty anyway. I didn't take my sleeping pill so it was a long night, I don't even know how many times I had to go potty but it was a lot. I had to kill a spider in the bathroom and then a firefly had to die also. I had some pretty weird dreams and when it was time to get up I popped out of bed. Steve said "You're getting up?" I said "Yep!" I usually can't get out of bed and it was nice to be able to get up and get the kids off to school.


Babies in Bloom said...

Well it sounds like you had a very interesting first day. I'm glad you were able to get up and going the next day though. You can do this! Just don't get too skinny or else I'm going to have to start this horrible astronaut diet!

Anonymous said...

So, how about day two, etc.?